Sunday, 28 March 2010

In need of a model ? Always!

Everyone needs them. When you are famous they come to you, but when you are an amateur you need to go out there and find them yourself. Models.

At some point the family gets tired of posing in your studio aka the livingroom, and friends get this tired look when you show up at their doorstep with your camera, full of new idears and new setups.

When you get to that point in your career you have a range of options.

The easy solution is to pay a professional model to pose for you. In Denmark where I live that will be about 80 to 200$ per hour. Well photography is an expensive hobby, and I rarely have this kind of money lying around for a model.

If you, just like me, cant spent that kind of money, you have to be a little creative. I read somwhere that a guy put a fanpage on facebook asking models to participate in a photoshoot. He was honest and stright forward and explained that he could not pay them, but they would of cause get a copy of some of the pictures. The result was amazing. Lots of people responded and he had enough models to do several shoots.

But does it have to be on the internet? I dont think so.

Join a photoclub. I bet there is at least one close to where you live. Talk to people there. They know where to find a model that will pose for you to get some new pics for their portfolio.

Or just talk to people. When you meet someone, tell they about your hobby. Offer your services and ask if they know somebody who would like to try to model. For lots of people it is a challenge to get up there in front of the camera and let someone else tell them what to do. Dare them.

And if you are brave enough, just ask people in the street. If you see someone and think "that is a model for me", why not just walk over there and ask. You will be surprised how often you get a yes.

What matters most is that you are honest, and explain what it is that you do. Dont exaturate. If you are an amateur with little experience, dont hide it. It is better to give your client or model low expectations and then surprise them with a brilliant result, than to get their expectations way up and then disapoint them.

Just be honest.

Now - on a lazy sunday afternoon. What do you do for a model? The family is cuttled up in front of the tv. Friends are out there enjoying the nice spring weather. And you are in the mood for some studio-photography.

This is what I did. Enjoy.

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