Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The importance of being prepared

Yesterday I had a photosession with a couple of parents and their 8 month old princess. it was a session that had been planned earlier and then rescheduled, so everything was planned and had been set up once - and then put aside again to make room for another session.

No sweat, just put back the props and go again.

So 30 minutes before they arrive on set, the photographer (yours truly) starts putting together the props - and knocks over one of his lamps. A lot of swearing later he finds out that the damage is minimal.
Back ot settingup the props and - oh yes - remember to turn on the computer so the client can se the pictures right away. But the computer keeps rebooting due to a faulty update. Again a lot of swearing about some major software company. And then again a praisal to the same company for putting in a restore-point to go back to.

The customer who almost always is early or at least on time is delayed a couple of minutes this time. So whe they finaly arive everything looks fine. Props where set, light was set and camera was ready and connected to the computer.

The only thing that was not ok was the photographer. Blook pressure was way too high and creativity was way too low.

And this is what this entry is all about. IMHO the stress of not beeing prepared is eating up the creativity that is needed in this profession. Of cause I can only talk on my own behalf, but I thing we all know the situation where the pressure gets the best of us - when it is actually creativity that deserves the best of os.

So next time I am going to be prepared. Sitting down in the studio or on location, just letting the pictures enter my mind with no filter. Letting idears pop up and just wait to se witch images stick when I get up again.

Next time creativity and the customer will get the best of me. I promise.

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